Minimal Make-Up

I recently applied just 3 make-up products to my face which left me feeling a bit put together and groomed, part of my making an effort for me campaign. This minimal make-up look made me realize that this is perhaps the answer to teenage make-up which has come up in a few coversations recently. And made me think back to our teenage days of probably the biggest make-up mishap which was dark brown lipstick.

For teenagers I would probably swop the BB Cream for a tinted mosturiser Eg: The Mac Studio Fix Tinted Mosturiser (now discontinued) which I had tested when deciding on whether to buy a BB Cream or Tinted Mosturiser. At 30 the BB Cream was appropriate for my skin needs, 16 years ago it would have been a Tinted Mosturiser, because I don’t think coverage is needed on a teen. The Mac Lustre lipstick in Hug Me is a nude shade in a semi-gloss finish that just adds a little colour to your lips and is my new favourite. After not using make-up for a very long time I find myself uncomfortable with anything brighter. This lipstick essentially gives the same effect as a tinted lip balm which would be a good idea for a teen or a pretty gloss.

I haven’t been using eye make-up recently except for occasions and my eyes have been dry recently so instead of ending up with smudged eyes caused by rubbing I’ve done without it.


Pictured above is :

Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Medium

Mac Cremeblend Blush in Something Special

Mac Lustre Lipstick in Hug Me

What’s your minimal make-up essentials?

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Home Products : Cuisipro Soap Dispenser vs Body and Bath Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap.


My mom, sisters and I have been fans and owners of the Cuisipro Soap Dispenser for very long. While following the instructions of how much soap to water ratio to dispense we’ve found that the pumping action has a limited life-span. While Cuisipro does have excellent service with a 25 year warranty on their products and they’ve replaced their product for us I’ve found a new must-have. The Body and Bath Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Cranberry, Citrus and Sage. This liquid soap smells amazing as the soap is not diluted like the Cuisipro and it dispenses foam as does the Cuisipro Soap Dispenser.
The downside is that it’s first use is not as cost effective as Cuisipro. Thereafter the bottle can be reused by diluting your regular liquid soap as I’ve been told and then will work just as well as the Cuisipro.
This was gifted to me by a friend and was purchased in the USA and after a Google search it’s not available in South Africa šŸ˜”

Beyond the Sabbatical…

It’s often in the depths of feelings that one is inspired to write. And it’s with these words on my mind for quite some time now that I’ve been brought to write down and make sense of my doings, thoughts.

“The older I get, the more I realize the value of privacy, cultivating your circle, and only letting certain people in. You can be open, honest, and real while still understanding not everyone deserves a seat at the table of your life.”

With this in mind after a 2 month sabbatical on most social media apps I’ve decided to rejoin but to be selective in my circle, not out of pride but out of sharing my personal space with those who I wish to and not those who just watch your every post. And so I begin anew, wanting to give of myself, to inspire, to reflect, to practice gratitude and live beautifully insha Allah for myself firstly solely for the pleasure of Allah.


Inspiration: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Having always thought of myself as not possessing too much, my entire wardrobe sits behind 2 doors and on 2 shelves, I still found myself repeating the same clothes in the same way, with slippers most of the time. It becomes very easy to slip into comfort instead of making an effort when you in abaya as your outerwear. And my resolution for a few years now has being to make an effort for me although I haven’t seeing it through.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe was coined in the 70’s by Susie Faux, “the owner of a London boutique called “Wardrobe” . According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.” (Wikipedia)

This concept has been made popular by bloggers and where the idea of capsule wardrobe clicked for me was in a post in a magazine that encouraged 10 looks with only 15 pieces. Classic yet versatile pieces which I was sure I had quite a few of those I just didn’t know how to make them versatile.

I spent a good few hours on Sunday working through my wardrobe using guidelines for this project from a blog that featured an interview with Caroline Rector, an advocate of capsule wardrobes.

After removing those items that don’t fit well and those items which I’ve grown tired of I ended up with 37 pieces but not in the ratio as suggested (37 pieces of clothes divided into 9 pairs of shoes, 9 bottoms, 15 tops, 4 outerwear garments) . I also used my entire wardrobe apart from one trench coat and one pile of 7 obviously Winter items which I won’t be using in these Summer days which we are still having as well as the transition of seasons stage. So my wardrobe is not essentially a seasonal capsule wardrobe, it’s more of an annual capsule wardrobe which I could still pare down if defined as a seasonal wardrobe.

What I’ve noticed: I have too many tops of the same style in different colours because it was easy to buy more than one of what I thought worked for me and I have far less bottoms than what I need. I’ve packed away one black leggings with the tag still on to use once my current pair has had its time and I repurposed another black legging as to be solely an under my abaya pants. This way I’ll avoid wearing black leggings daily which was tending to happen. I find my need in terms of clothing items has changed after looking at my wardrobe. My style is still classic and minimalistic these days as opposed to classic with a touch of fashion trends as was the case in my younger days and I’m looking to purchase 2 well-fitting pants.

I’m going to start with what I have, not buying anything extra, unless I spot the pants I need, and see how I can make my existing wardrobe versatile. With less staring me in my face I think it might be easier to create outfits instead of resorting to the same outfits.

I’m already feeling lighter so here’s to the beginning of my capsule wardrobe and making an effort for me, Insha Allah.

1 Jumaadal-Akhir 1437


1 Jumaadal-Akhir 1437.
1 year, Alhamdullilah.
I remember this day so well, and the months preceding it, the conversations in my mind, as I battled with myself and my nafs to take the next step, that of Niqaab.
This same morning, en route to Johannesburg, for a Sunday out with my family, with the only Niqaab I owned on my lap, after putting it on and taking it off countless times in front of the Mirror that morning, (the inexpensive one you buy on Umrah to wear at times during your trip), and finally in the car I said bismillah I’m trying. And here I am, a year later, still trying.
This is a journey, not a destination. Niqaab does not afford you piety or perfection. We are all spiritual beings journeying towards our Creator. This is my journey, Insha Allah.

On Reaching Out…

As you look back at your life and all your attempts to reach out, in friendship, in community work, in seeking knowledge, in motherhood, in an attempt to belong and be a part of something bigger than yourself, your heart fills with tears. You’ve witnessed your attempts for human connection with sadness. You’ve realized the truth in these words for yourself posted this week by a Facebook friend, ‘Human connection. It can be a beautiful thing. But one that we may begin to guard ourselves against as we become hurt or disappointed or indeed as we hurt and disappoint. ‘

You guard yourself. You now accept. You stop reaching out. You are not to others liking. Your serious, sensitive soul is not suitable.

You witness the friendships of others, the genuineness and sincerity and joy they exude in their interactions. You once longed for that, not anymore. This is not reaching out. You write to express yourself but you do not always share it. Because you write for yourself. You do not expect anyone to read it. You do not want pity. You do not expect friendship anymore. Your attempts at gaining knowledge in a more formal setting of teacher-student interaction that once gave you peace because this was the company Allah chose for you, have also fallen through. You’ve now realized, Your road is one you walk alone. And you stop reaching out.

Week 1: Beginning My Journey of Being a More Hands-On Mommy Insha Allah

With the amount of resources and activities available it can be a bit overwhelming on where to start. Once I printed out the developmental milestones yesterday I made a toy inventory today and chose to begin with what I have even if it’s just playing with my children with what they have or doing activities with materials available to us allowing them to lead the way in what they want to create. IĀ think the interaction while playing can open up a whole world of learning opportunities as I found today while pushing N on the swing hence my goal of being present and involved in the activity/play.

I made a 7-day plan for outdoor or gross motor activities as well as indoor play or activities because I’d like to see how this week goes and adapt as I go along being new to this. Insha Allah.

Today’s outdoor play was swinging and N trying to push herself while lying on the skateboard which wasn’t planned. We introduced the concept of forwards and backwards both while swinging Ā and pushing on the skateboard. We looked at a picture book together and played with M when he got home after madressah with kinetic sand in a big plastic basin.

I realized today it’s not about the quantity of time you give to your children but that even one hour a day can accomplish so much just by being present and involved.

Intention : To Be A More Present and Hands-On Mommy

As a mother to Mahir, 6 years 4 months, and Naqiyyah, 3 years 8 months, my intention is to be more present with them and more hands-on insha Allah.

Inspired by all the homeschooling and hands-on mommies on Pinterest and Instagram I’veĀ Ā spent a good part of my Sunday afternoon printing out resources of where my children should be in their development. I haven’t been hands-on till now and haven’t done any intentional teaching, educating or enough play or activities with them so I felt a good place to start is at the beginning. Where should my children be? And from there select the activities that will enable them to reach these milestones insha Allah.

Will be documenting my journey here, insha Allah.

Friday Thoughts…

We live in a world surrounded by perfection. A virtual world that depicts the perfect side of the lives of those we follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. There’s the flatlays and the perfectly-styled meals that would make those in the business envious. Frankly, the recently viewed meals by an establishment while tasty was not photographic worthy. And it’s exactly that that determines what goes up and what doesn’t. The photographic worth.

Don’t be fooled, the picture you see was probably take 20. And yes, why would anyone want to show the normal parts of their lives or the sad parts of their lives? We shouldn’t even dwell on the sad parts of our life because like attracts like and it’s a cycle you exist in so I don’t expect anyone to show that or even allow themselves to be consumed by sadness. But it’s there – it does exist.

I enjoy viewing the perfectly-styled outfits of the fashion bloggers or reading up on the recommendations of beauty bloggers. They’ve created an industry that lessens the gap between the average person and the pages of glossy magazines. Real people wearing the clothes we want to buy or reviewing the products so we don’t have to buy just after seeing an ad anymore. I admire the effort they’ve made in their appearances and I recently read this :

I agree with it although we all don’t have it in us to put ourselves out there as fashion and beauty bloggers and we all don’t want to. But we also need to make an effort for ourselves. In our homes, in our food, in our appearance, in creating experiences for ourselves that make our hearts content. But most importantly, be true to yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself or measure yourself against what you see. After all,


Getting into Routine…

It’s Day 20 and the 3rd blog post for this year. Not as regular as I would have liked but here it is.

We are a week into Mahir’s grade 1 year and I have just this week figured out his routine and have started implementing it. At this point I make Shukr that madrasah is only starting on the 1 February so we can ease ourselves into the school and Tajweed classes routine first. Being the stationery loving person I am and because being able to put pen to paper makes me feel calmer, I searched andĀ found some very nice free printable planners online. I did Mahir’s routine from after school (times vary daily) till bedtime on one of those and stuck it on his room wall. Children thrive on routine and the predictability of a routine brings stability to them. They know what is expected of them leaving them feeling more secure. I asked Mahir how he felt about his planner and he said it makes him happy because he knows what he has to do. And I made sure to include periods of play daily as well.

My own routine was also done on a free printable found online and was adapted and adjusted from last years planner. I opted to leave out the exact times but still have listed my routine in the order which I do tasks and in a time frame that works in periods from Fajr to Zohar to Asr to Maghrib to Esha. I’ve left out some tasks after thinking deeply about which tasks are most important to me to do daily and which are an inevitable part of routine. Ā I have left some free time daily for myself as well as scheduling in the times where the responsibilities that comes with having a school-going child takes preference. There is now devoted time to Naqiyyah who is 3 1/2 and for whom I have some ideas in my head which I need to research more in order to execute as well as joint kids time, insha Allah. Are you a planner like me?